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Terms & Conditions

Group Break Rules for random team breaks:  Lists of the team spots and participant names will be made in a spreadsheet. will be pulled up and two virtual dice will be rolled to determine how many times the participant names AND the team spot names will be randomized. (Any number other than 2 will be accepted. If a 2 is rolled, there will be a reroll.) Each list (team names and participants) will be randomized then pasted back into the spreadsheet to match up the participant names with the teams for the break. There will be a determined time given for sales or trades before the break begins. Any cards pulled with more than one player on them will be randomized the same way our team spots and participants were randomized at the beggining of the break using the orginal dice roll.  (There will no longer be majority rules rule in place, ALL cards will go to the randomizer.)  After the virtual dice have been rolled and the list has been randomized, the team or participant name on the top will win the card outright. The team that is PRINTED on the card as the player's team, regardless of the jersey he is wearing is the team the card will go to. In the case of college jersey's or teams on cards, the NFL team with which the player has spent the most time or has been drafted to will receive the card. Everything in my breaks ship except for veteran base cards that are not numbered,  which I will also ship at a small extra fee if wanted. There are no guarantees with group breaking and you are not always promised a card. Good luck and I hope you have a great time and come back to participate in my breaks, thank you!